Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies

My response to The Smoothie Lover’s Healthy Avocado Chocolate Cookies
Two words: I approve. Okay, three words: I approve whole-heartedly.

These are seriously delicious!


My husband makes fun of me for eating avocados like they’re apples or any other fruit you would just grab off the kitchen counter. Am I really that weird? No one else does that??

And I’m also in love with chocolate, so putting these two ingredients together makes for a really good day.

I had a couple avocados on my counter that were ready to eat but I decided to search for a recipe to use them in instead of eating them whole. I came across this recipe on pinterest and was immediately intrigued because I saw that it didn’t call for dairy. Normally cookie recipes will include some butter.

The problem I have with baking and with recipes in general is that I have an allergy to dairy product. Not just lactose intolerance, but an allergy that causes my skin to break out and all kinds of GI problems.
It’s not fun.

But this recipe doesn’t call for any dairy. Actually is has NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR, & NO BUTTER!
I couldn’t believe that they were as good as they are.They are chewy and rich. You can’t taste the avocado and you can eat 10 million of them because they’re healthy!

Just kidding, don’t eat 10 million of them…

But because I love avocado and I think everyone should eat them, here’s a list of facts about avocados:

  1. There are 10 g of fiber in a medium sized avocado. We all need a little more fiber in the diet!
  2. They contain healthy (mono-unsaturated) fats that help lower your bad cholesterol and boosts your good cholesterol.
  3. Avocados are actually berries.
  4. They have 2x the potassium of a banana.
  5. They contain 18 important amino acids.
  6. They have 4 grams of protein (which is a lot for a fruit).

So there you are. Eat more avocados and try this yummy recipe!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.26.10 PM

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